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Laser Therapeutics Personal Lasers
For Sale Outside the United States Only

This Site is Only Valid Outside Of The U.S. For the United State, PLEASE See Our WEB Site www.laserhealthsystems.com

Laser Therapeutics is proud to present its all new lineup of personal use Anti-Aging lasers, the Etrans and Softlaser, either is available now. Order one today for a more youthful you!  

These unique personal use lasers can be purchased now for beautiful skin, to reverse the effects of aging, reduce wrinkles and spider veins, stimulate acupressure points, enhance the look and quality of your skin and many more cosmetic applications. Find out now what exclusive European and oriental spas have known for years. Use them regularly in your anti-aging program and you will be amazed with the results.  

We offer 2 Personal Use lasers. Their beauty and anti-aging effects are identical. The laser diode utilized in both is the same, 670nm at under 6mW, however, the operation of each is slightly different. 

Two aaa batteries are required, but not included.



The Softlaser comes with a convenient travel bag and two aaa batteries.

The Softlaser is an easy to use and effective personal laser


These lasers are available for personal use for skin rejuvenation and to help fight the effects of aging. They are safe, effective and simple to use. These coherent red-light-lasers will contribute to the timelessness of beauty with their elegant and proven light energy. No side effects of low level laser light have been found in thirty years of international clinical research.  (As with any strong light source, the laser beam must not be directed at the eyes or at another person.) 

The Etrans and Softlaser low level laser light will help you fight the effects of aging, give your skin tone and color and so much more!   Low intensity lasers are pure coherent light energy.  Up until now low level lasers have not been available in the US but were effectively used by the finest European and Asian Spas, Clinics, Salons and by individuals as a part of their beauty and anti-aging programs. These "space age" lasers do not cut or burn as high powered surgical lasers do. Instead they penetrate into the skin and accelerate the body's natural healing capabilities, reducing the effects of aging. They work at the cellular level providing light energy to help greatly reduce the aging process. You feel no pain or discomfort as a result of the treatment and the laser light enhances your feeling of well being. While low level lasers have proven to be highly effective in European clinical trial studies for numerous conditions, we can make no medical claims. 

Laser Therapy…The Healing Energy and Power of Light !

The Remarkable Etrans Personal Use Laser ... order one today and start fighting the effects of aging.
The Beurer SL30 Softlaser ... the ultimate in convenience for beautiful skin and complexion.































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